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The RYA VHF Short Range Certificate course is changing in 2014 the changes are in order for UK to come into line with (CEPT) European regulations.

The new Online RYA VHF Radio Interactive course is modular and can be taken on a PC a MAC and soon on iPads, the course is anticipated to take 6 to 8 hours to complete.  (This course is optional from taking the Classroom based course.)

The course will cover.

  • About Marine Radio
  • How the Radio Works
  • Using the Radio
  • Distress Calling
  • Urgency and Safety Calling
  • Rules and Licensing

The Online RYA VHF Radio course will also come with a Marine Radio Simulator inbuilt so you can practise using the Marine VHF Radio interactively.

System requirements:

The course has the following requirements:

A good Internet connections WI-FI or 3G 4G Charges may apply 3G/4G

Screen resolution 1024 X 768

Microphone, Speakers or headset.

Platform minimum requirements:

MAC 2008 Models or above, Intel processor, OS X10.5 or above.

PC- Windows Vista 32-bit, Service Pack 2, 1GHz 32 bit (x86) processor, 512MB RAM, Sound card.

This course will soon be available on iPads

Course and examination fees

Commencing from 2nd January 2014.

RYA Interactive VHF Radio course cost £75 payable to Sail and Power Services

The RYA SRC examination fees will be £60 from January 2014 payable to the RYA on the day of the exam.

Course pack

A Student course pack that will accompany this Online and classroom based course this will be sent out to you via post, The pack include the RYA VHF Radio handbook (SRCP) RYA Examination form and a RYA Distress card will be issued in the student course pack. If preferred, a e'book can be ordered to replace the handbook.

RYA VHF Handbook

Logging into RYA Interactive e-learning 

When you have signed up and paid for the course you will be emailed the RYA Interactive URL  and a user name/password, you will be asked to complete your user profile and then you will then be able to proceed to the RYA Online VHF Radio course

On completion

When you have completed the Online VHF Radio course you will be issued a course completion unique number that will have to be passed to the RYA Training centre that delivers your SRC examination. It is expected by the RYA that the Training centre you sign up for the Online VHF Radio course will be the same centre that you take the face to face assessment and examination with.



    Add a link to the taster course download page to your website and strongly recommend that all students do this before buying the course:www.rya.org.uk/coursestraining/courses/specialist/Pages/OnlineSRCtaster.aspx



     Add the taster video to your website to help sell the course (if you wish). You can either link to it or embed it from here: http://youtu.be/5VDbQJtITMs